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Getting ready for your Big Day

You’re the bride! All eyes are on you and you want to look like the best version of yourself. These are few things to keep in mind when you’ve decided to have your wedding makeup/hair professionally done.

Sharing is Caring
Chances are you will want a makeup/hair trial done with an artist you are interesting in hiring. Artists are very visual people. We love it when you share photos of makeup/hair styles you want for your wedding day. Share your thoughts and concerns as you know your skin and hair best. Have patience during your trial, it may not look the way you expect it during the process of getting dolled up but that’s why communication is so important. Talk to your artist about your expectations and let them know if you want any changes made to your look. Be as specific as you can when possible. The last thing either of you want is to walk away with regret and questions.

Looking the part
You’ve invested thousands of dollars on your Photographers and Videographers, don’t you want to make the most of your investment and look camera ready? Many everyday products and application methods don’t translate the same on camera. Your features need to be enhanced and your makeup artist is trained to know what works best. Listen to your artist and take their professional recommendations into consideration. A natural makeup look in photos will require more makeup than you are used to in your daily routine.

Making it last
Congratulations! You have said your vows and are now married. Tears have been shed and hugs have been passed around. Take a moment between your Ceremony and Reception to touch up your makeup and hair. Your artists are trained to make your look last all day but a little powder and lipstick touchup will keep you looking stunning all night! 

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